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We sent our props to a shop here (Veracruz) but propellers didn’t work well. We sent them to Kelly, since then we ship our props to them.
Patricia R., Club de yates - Boca del río, Ver.
For yacht maintenance, we send all the parts to Kelly cause they deliver high quality and excellent service.
Alfonso G., Shipyard - Mazatlán,Sin.
Excellent work.Excelente trabajo.
Props stop vibrating and work as good as new.
Salvador M., Yacht Azimut 110 ft - Acapulco, Gro.
Thank you for your support. I´ve changed the propeller pitch on my props; black smoke from the exhaust stopped and improved performance on the engines.
Alberto C., Cabo boat - Guaymas, Son.
I lost my propeller, I just paid and they sent the prop the same day. I received the prop 2 days after.
Jesus M., Sailboat - Tampico, Tam.
We required shafts, propellers, couplers, bearings, struts and rudder for 4 support boats for sardine ships and everything worked perfectly.
Luciano A., Fishing Company - Mazatlán, Sin.